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What will happen if you show a police your fake driver's license when you get pulled over?

In most places that is at least a misdemeanor and in some places a felony. You will have a criminal record - not much of any way to get out of that - and lose your eligibility to get some jobs. You may lose your real license for a time, you will pay fines. You probably won’t go to jail, other than for booking and waiting for a judge to set your bail.

It’s not worth it. When a cop asks for your ID, give it to them. If you aren’t driving in the US, then tell them your real name, birthdate and current address.

You get a lot further with officers by simply being friendly, non-threatening and cooperative. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your rights, but in most cases you are required to identify yourself when asked by an officer.

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Investigation Fake Under Sites
Investigation Fake Under Sites
Police and government authorities are investigating online fake ID stores supplying proof-of-age and other cards to Australian under-18s, who use them to buy alcohol and enter bars and clubs.Fake ID sites under investigation